June 3rd-4th    Saturday - Fairfield Polo Club Opening Weekend                     

                        Sunday - Fairfield Polo Club Opening Weekend

June 10th-11th    Saturday - Polo on the Plains Tournament 

                          Sunday - 4th Annual Polo on the Plains  - A Benefit for KIDZCOPE

                                         Final of USPA Governor's Cup (0-6) - Polo match begins @ 3:00pm

June 17th -18th    Saturday - USPA Player's Cup (0-4)  -  Match begins at 10:00am

                           Sunday - Final of USPA Player's Cup  -  Match begins at 10:00am

June 24th-25th    Saturday - Practice 

​                           Sunday - Fairfield Polo Club Sunshine Cup - Match begins at 11:00am

July 1st-2nd        Saturday - USPA Sherman Memorial Arena Tournament

                           Sunday - Fairfield Polo Club Match Game

July 8th-9th       Saturday - USPA Officer's Cup (4-8) 

                           Sunday - Final of USPA Officer's Cup 

July 14th-15th      Saturday - Practice

                           Sunday - Fairfield Polo Club Member's Classic (0-4)

​July 22nd-23rd     Saturday - Practice 

                           Sunday - Beat the Heat Match Game

July 29th-30th       Saturday - Practice

                             Sunday - Final Club Match before heat break



Sept. 2nd-3rd         FPC Match Games / Practice

Sept. 9th-10th       Saturday - USPA Circuit Arena Amateur Cup (0-3)

                              Sunday - Final of USPA Circuit Arena Amateur Cup 

Sept. 16th-17th       Saturday - Park City Polo Challenge at Hartman Arena

​                                                  USPA Master's Cup Arena

​                              Sunday - FPC Match Game

Sept. 23rd-24th      Saturday - USPA Amateur Cup (0-4)

                              Sunday - Final of USPA Amateur Cup

​Sept. 30th-Oct. 1st      Saturday - End of Season Club Match

​                                   Sunday - Final Match of the Season

Practice starts May 17th fields and players permitting.

There will be practice offered on Wednesdays.  Please email wichitapoloclub@gmail.com for practice chukkers.    

Fairfield Polo Club

2017 Calendar of Events

Saturday and Sunday matches will be played at times posted below.

Fairfield Polo Club